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$278,400 Cash Out Loan on a Primary Residence #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to close a $278,400 cash out loan on a primary residence for an investor who is purchasing investment properties. He currently has two investment property contracts executed.  

Houston Heights Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan For A Real Estate Investment Property in the Houston Heights Area Curtis Warden, a high-end real estate investor, came across an interesting project near the Houston Heights. It was a huge lot in a great location. Unfortunately, the property had lots of trash and tenants still on site. He had to evict the tenants first and that was followed by 5 truckloads of debris and trash. With the site clear, he decided to split the huge home Read More

$237,000 Rehab to Perm Loan #FundingFriday

Noble had the opportunity to fund a $237,000 rehab to perm loan for 3 deals in Houston. These experienced borrowers will be fixing up these properties as rentals!  Both hard money and conventional loans are closed under one roof! Learn more about Joe the Investor combo loan!

4 Great Tips to Finance an Investment Property

Real Estate Investment Loan Are you interested in getting a real estate investment loan? If yes, then continue reading on. Today Noble Mortgage has put together four great tips for you to make your life easier as you apply for an investment loan. Before we dive into our tips, we want to explain what an investment loan is. This is a loan you use to invest in a property. For example, if you buy a house for $120,000, your monthly Read More

$261,000 Blanket Hard Money Loan #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $261,000 blanket hard money loan for 3 properties here in Houston. One closing; three properties. The borrower only had to bring $1,600 to close on this transaction!

$375,000 Cash Out for a Commercial Property #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $375,000 cash out hard money loan for a commercial warehouse on 17 acres in Cleveland, TX. They are using the money to build another building on that property.  

Top Reasons to Invest in Properties TODAY!

Investment Property Loan According to Landlord Station, the investor-owned homes industry has established single family rentals as a $100 billion business. This is a huge industry to be part of! However, only 9% of Americans are taking advantage of the real estate investment game. These numbers are substantial because this means you are missing out on a lucrative way to make money. At Noble Money, we deal with real estate investors every day. We believe everyone should have a safe Read More