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Are You Ready for a Houston Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money in Houston As financial products evolve and change, there are many new terms that potential real estate investors may not be familiar with. Hard money lending is one of these terms that are really changing up the way the real estate market works. If you are interesting in real estate, understanding hard money loans is vital. Here are five instances when a hard money loan can help your real estate business. You Need Capital for Your Real Estate Read More

$200,000 Cash Out on Lots #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $200,000 cash out loan on 18 residential lots here in Houston. This first time Noble borrower is using this money to build more houses!  

$330,000 Cash-Out Refinance #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $330,000 cash-out refinance on a primary residence. This investor will be using this money to purchase a multi-family property!