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How Our Real Estate Investor Loans Help You

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Easy Access to Real Estate Investment Noble Mortgage and Investments can help you reach your real estate investment goals. Our real estate investor loans can provide the money you need to fund your investments. We offer a varied selection of loans to help provide access to the money you need. Whether it’s for purchasing a home for yourself or to make a profit in the real estate market, we can help you. Our Loans We provide a wide variety of loan programs to Read More

2017 Real Estate Predictions

After our Real Estate Forecast Panel, week, we’d like to share our predictions for everyone who couldn’t make it, or who perhaps missed some parts of what our speakers had to say. Here are the predictions for the next year in real estate from Brian Spitz, Darel Daik, and Ray Sasser. THE OIL BUMP Oil prices rising into the 50 dollars a barrel range has made a big impact on Houston consumer confidence and spending. A rise in consumer confidence Read More

How to Get Ahead with a Dallas Hard Money Lender

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Dallas Real Estate Investment An established Dallas hard money lender can be a great resource for savvy investors looking to fulfill their dreams of Dallas real estate investment while turning a profit. After all, making money is hardly ever “easy”. A hard money loan is shorter than a normal loan. This is generally used for house flipping on a residential or commercial scale. Of course, there are different loan schemes for rental homes. This means working hard to earn the money you Read More