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$66,000 Hard Money Loan #FundingFriday

We received a call from one of our regular borrowers on Tuesday who decided to try out a different hard money company. They couldn’t perform so we stepped in and got it closed in 2 days with $0 out of pocket! This is a Big State deal too. #PerformanceMatters Click here to learn more about this loan!

$161,250 Rehab to Perm Loan #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $161,250 Rehab to Perm Loan for an investor in Dallas. This property is projected to cash flow $550 per month!

House Flipping Loans—What You Need to Know

house flipping loans tx

Stay Ahead of Your Real Estate Investments House flipping loans are the common name we give to real estate investment loans for renovating distressed properties and resell at a profit, in a short amount of time. In the past, real estate investors were usually the ones performing this activity. Today, however, many people have realized the leverage available in this type of real estate investment, and they are becoming more popular than ever. To be successful with house flipping loans, you should Read More