House Flipping Loans—What You Need to Know

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Stay Ahead of Your Real Estate Investments House flipping loans are the common name we give to real estate investment loans for renovating distressed properties and resell at a profit, in a short amount of time. In the past, real estate investors were usually the ones performing this activity. Today, however, many people have realized the leverage available in this type of real estate investment, and they are becoming more popular than ever. To be successful with house flipping loans, you should Read More

Understanding Hard Money Lenders

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Get the Money You Deserve What exactly are hard money lenders? The majority of real estate investors hear a number of terms they don’t understand when they first start out in the business. One of these terms is hard money. A hard money lender is usually a private person or group that provides loans based on the property that is being purchased, rather than on a buyer’s credit rating. In most cases, these loans will cost much more than the typical mortgage. In Read More

How Dallas Hard Money Loans Can Help You

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Get Started in Dallas Real Estate Investment If you’re looking to make money in a short term Dallas real estate investment, our Dallas hard money loans can help you get started. If you’ve had your eye on a distressed property in a prime location but no one wants because of the condition, we can help you out. We can help you get the property financed, fixed up, and back on the market in no time. Residential Hard Money Loans Our Read More

$189 Hard Money Loan #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $189,000 hard money loan in Humble, TX. This is the 3rd flip we have funded for this client in the past 9 months.

$72,000 Conventional Refinance #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $72,000 Conventional Refinance loan for a property in Dallas. We were able to reduce this borrower’s interest rate by over 4%! This is our second deal with this client within 2 weeks.

How to Snag a Great Property with Investment Property Loans

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Jump-Start Your Investment You just saw a great investment property in a very nice location. Maybe it’s perfect for a rental property, or maybe it’s an ideal fix and flip. You know you want it, but perhaps you’re in need of one of our investment property loans to start your investments. Before you get carried away, however, let’s cover the basics that will help you snag that property at the greatest profit to yourself. We don’t want you to make Read More

$417K Conventional Refinance #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $417K conventional refinance of a 24 month bank statement loan for a client who didn’t qualify for conventional financing at time of purchase last year. The bank statement program allowed them to purchase their dream home originally, and the conventional refinance saved them $900.00 on their monthly payment.

Download Our FREE App! | Hard Money Calculator

Looking for an easy way to calculate the “numbers” on that property you just came across? Look no FURTHER! Check out this FREE Noble Mortgage app created for investors just like you!It’s simple! Plug in the Purchase Price, the Rehab Cost, and the After Repair Value for your potential flip OR rental and let our calculator do the rest!Download it here!   Apple: Android:   *This application is for estimation and educational purposes only – the resulting numbers, Read More