5 Tips for Getting a Loan for Investment Property

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Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure If you have considered a loan for investment property, then you probably noticed that it’s a pretty hot topic these days. Blogs like Money, Bankrate, and even all contain great how-to advice. So, maybe you think you’re ready to start investing in property. Before you jump to it, you’ll need a little financial help. That’s where we step in. Noble Mortgage and Investments provides five types of real estate loans  in order to jump-start your real estate Read More

$122,500 Rehab to Perm Loan #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $122,500 Joe the Investor Rehab to Perm Loan for a borrower that will be closing another one with us in the next week!  

3 Ways to Leverage Dallas Hard Money Loans

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Learn How to Make Money from Real Estate Frustrated with the Housing Market? Are you frustrated with your search for the perfect house? Looking to find a loan for a house purchase, or renovation and repairs, can be difficult. Once money is mentioned, the idea of it sometimes gives you a headache. Don’t stress about it. Noble Mortgage and Investments wants to help, no matter how bad your credit is. With Dallas hard money loans, we give you the opportunity to purchase and renovate Read More

$153,000 Conventional Loan #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to fund a $153,000 Conventional Loan for a property in Little Elm, TX. This is the 2nd loan for this investor in the past two weeks! CLICK HERE to learn more about this loan program!   

Why Loans for House Flipping are so Popular

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Get What You Need for a Good Investment Flipping a house seems to be the new thing these days. Ever since a Reality TV show on house flipping came out, people want to give it a try themselves. Whether this is your first time or your hundredth time, Noble Mortgage and Investments can provide you the loans for house flipping that you need. So what exactly is all the hype about house flipping? Buying and Selling Even though purchasing a house along Read More

$280,000 Hard Money #FundingFriday

Noble Mortgage had the opportunity to work with 1st time clients on a hard money flip deal in Houston, TX. Congratulations to these investors as they only had to bring $6,500 to closing!