Basics & Breakfast Houston | February 2019

Join us for another FREE class featuring two GREAT speakers!


Darel Daik – Noble Mortgage & Investments

Although the DISC model is used across all types of professions, it can be very helpful to real estate professionals. Their goal is to close “the deal”, and in order to efficiently achieve this, understanding DISC and how it benefits their communication can be extremely useful.

In this fun class, attendees will learn the 4 different styles of communication according to the Extended DISC Model. They will also learn how to adjust their own styles to the styles of others to make sure they achieve the end goal: effective and efficient communication.

Darel is Extended DISC certified and has a passion for sharing this useful tool with others.

David Nettles – Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting

David A. Nettles is the owner of Nettles & Company Property Tax Consulting,  During this class, David will be discussing rising tax values, how a buy-and-hold investor & rehab investors should handle protest and the deadlines for 2019.

David works across the state of Texas protesting taxes in 28 counties for 2018 for residential, hospitality, retail, industrial, office, multi family, land and business personal property.

He has been in the real estate business over 20 years.