5 Types of Texas Real Estate Loans

Noble Mortgage offers 5 types of Texas real estate loans for residential and commercial real estate, with both short term and long term, real estate financing. As a direct lender, Noble Mortgage has the flexibility to offer loans for virtually any situation.

types of texas real estate loansNoble specializes in lending our own money through our hard money loan programs. Hard money is a short-te
rm, asset-based lending that caters primarily to real estate investors. Noble’s hard money loan programs focus on giving investors creative lending and quick closings. These real estate loans can also offer greater leverage than traditional lending and include funds to repair properties! We lend on both residential and commercial properties and can close loans in as little as 10 days. All of our loan decisions are made in-house by our founder and CEO, Darel I. Daik.

Noble also offers conventional loan programs for both consumers and investors looking for traditional financing. We have competitive rates and low fees for both residential and commercial properties.

Please browse through our 5 types of Texas real estate loans, but we encourage you to give us a call should you have a specific loan to discuss or additional questions.

Which Texas Real Estate Loan Type is Right for You?

Explore the pages below to find the real estate loan option that is right for you.

Texas Real Estate Loan Types for Almost Every Need

If you want more information on these types of Texas Real Estate Loans, and how Noble Mortgage & Investments can help you get the property you need, contact us to day for a free consultation. Please send us a message online, or call us at (713) 680-8100.

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