Commercial Hard Money Loans in Houston and Dallas

Noble’s Hard Money Commercial Loan program is designed for investors purchasing or refinancing commercial income producing properties that do not qualify for conventional financing.  Commercial properties in need of improvements, low occupancies or in need of repositioning are typical for this loan program.


Property Types Apartments, Office, Retail, Office-Warehouse & Single-Tenant
Market      Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Loan Amounts    $100K-$5MM
Term   1-5 years
Amortization Typically interest-only
Rate        14%-16%
Fees 4%-5% of the loan amount
LTV     Up to 65%
LTC       Up to 85%
Recourse    Yes


What Are the Qualifications for a Commercial Hard Money Loan?

Several factors will play a role in whether you receive approval for a commercial hard money loan. Credit score and profit potential of the property are very important. The lender will also look at your available funds and bankruptcy status. Hard money loans typically have an interest rate higher than that of a conventional loan. Furthermore, hard money loans have short lives. They may only last for a few months, so you will have to have a solid plan to repay the advance quickly.

How Do I Get a Loan?

Noble Mortgage specializes in providing both residential and commercial hard money loans for investors who have an eye and a heart for making smart choices. To start the process of taking out a hard money loan, you simply need to complete an application. We offer a pre-qualification form that asks only a few questions to help to determine your status. If you’d like to speak to a financial adviser, call 713-680-8100 to discuss your options concerning the property in which you intend to invest.