Dallas Hard Money Loans

We Offer Hard Money Loans in Dallas-Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

Noble Mortgage & Investments is an industry leader in providing residential and commercial hard money loans for Dallas investors.

Residential Hard Money Loan Programs

Residential hard money loans are specially designed for the quick purchase and repair of distressed properties in Dallas. They are also for those needing a quick cash-out on investment properties. Of course, these fix and flip loans can fund up to beyond the purchase price, repairs, and even closing costs. On a limited basis, Noble Mortgage also funds new construction loans and owner-occupied properties.

Noble’s hard money loan programs typically close within 10 business days.

Property Types All 1-4 unit properties considered
Loan Types:      Rehabs, Cash-Outs, Purchases, Refinances & new construction No Home Equity Loans
Loan Amounts   $100K-$1.5MM
Term      1 to 5 years
Amortization      TBD, Interest-only & 20-year amortizations available
Rate     TBD, typically 11%-14%
Fees       3-4% (can be rolled into loan if LTV allows)
LTV Up to 70% on “as-is” or “as repaired” value if repairs are included
LTC     Up to 100%
Recourse Yes

Commercial Hard Money Loan Programs

The emphasis of Noble Mortgage’s commercial hard money loan programs in Dallas is to provide investors purchasing or refinancing properties that produce commercial income. These are also properties that do not qualify for conventional financing.

These are properties in need of improvements, properties with low occupancy, or properties in need of repositioning.

Property Types Apartments, Office, Retail, Office-Warehouse & Single-Tenant
Loan Amounts    $100K-$5MM
Term   1-5 years
Amortization Typically interest-only
Rate        14%-16%
Fees 4%-5% of the loan amount
LTV     Up to 65%
LTC       Up to 85%
Recourse    Yes

Dallas Hard Money Loan FAQ

What is a Hard Money Loan?

This is your opportunity to invest in investment property without needing the cash to make the purchase. These loans are for serious investors who are able to quickly fix and flip, properties in need of significant repair or repositioning.

The loan is based on the ARV – after repair value – meaning that you can buy cheap, contract the needed repairs, and also sell at a profit. Also, these loans are short term and require a solid plan to repay the advance quickly.

Why Choose Hard Money?

If you have an eye for hot property, then have the vision to transform it. If you also have the determination to fix and flip it quickly, then a Dallas hard money loan is probably for you. Of course, our generous lenders like working with imaginative go-getters that can follow through on their investment.

How Do I Qualify?

Your approval for a commercial or residential hard money loan program will rely on several factors. Your credit score and the property’s profit potential are the two most important factors. We’ll also consider your funds and any previous bankruptcies. These loans have high interest rates, short lives, and can also close in 10 business days or less.

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