Our Real Estate Investment Loan Process

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Innovative, Timely, & Competitive Texas Real Estate Financing

In fulfilling our mission to provide innovative, timely, and competitive Texas real estate financing opportunities, we try to make our real estate investment loan process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Get Pre-Qualified for a Real Estate Investment Loan (Same Day)

Pre-qualification on a real estate investment loan lets both you and us know what kind of Texas real estate financing program you are qualified for. This process applies to all five of our primary loan types: residential and commercial traditional mortgages, residential and commercial hard money loans, and our signature combination loan program, Joe the Investor.

  1. Let us know about your desire to get Pre-Qualified to finance or refinance Texas real estate property.
  2. Prepare your Pre-Qualification Documents, including:
    • Loan Application (Available online or by request.)
    • Two forms of Identification (Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security Card, etc.)
    • Paystubs (Most Recent – 30 Days)
    • Bank Statements (Most Recent – 60 Days)
    • Tax Returns (2 Years – Including W2, 1099, and K1 forms, if applicable.)
    • IRA/401K Statements (Most Recent – 60 Days)
    • Copy of Social Security or Pension award letters
    • Disclosure/Proof of other Income/Investment Properties
  3. Submit your Pre-Qualification Documents
  4. Receive Pre-Qualification Approval to Apply for a Real Estate Investment Loan (Hard Money Loan, Conventional Mortgage, or Combination – Hard Money Loan + Mortgage)

Conventional Mortgage Application Process (30-45 Days)

Conventional mortgages are the most traditional form of real estate investment loans. These are long term, low interest loans for both primary and rental property investors. They are available for both residential and commercial real estate investment.

  1. Complete Pre-Qualification Process.
  2. Complete/Sign your Full Loan Application, including desired property (2 Days)
  3. Select Title Company to close loan and provide title insurance.
  4. Decide if you would like taxes/insurance escrowed into monthly payment.
  5. Begin the underwriting process. (30-45 days)
  6. Property appraisal prepared/provided by 3rd party management company. (2-3 Weeks)
  7. Receive your ‘Clear to Close’ from lender. This means that all conditions have been cleared, the filed approved, and you are clear to close the deal with a signature.
  8. Typical 2-3 day mandatory waiting period.
  9. Sign and close the mortgage.
  10. Receive access to your new property in 24-48 hours.

Hard Money Loan Application Process (10+ Days)

Hardy money, or fix and flip loans, are short term real estate investment loans for the purpose of quickly refurbishing distressed property and selling at a profit. Hard money loans are a great investment for individuals with an eye for real estate and excellent project management skills. These loans are available on both residential and commercial properties, include all repair costs, and are based on the After Repair Value (ARV) of a property.

  1. Complete Pre-Qualification Process.
  2. Request an initial After Repair Value (ARV) range on a distressed property to make sure loan value is in line with property and repairs. (1-2 Days)
  3. Begin your Loan Application, including Contract for Purchase and Credit Card Authorization for Application Fee. ($500)
  4. Provide a detailed Repair Budget. Prefer either contractor quote(s) or a detailed line item budget.
  5. Provide access to and visit the property with designated 3rd party appraiser.
  6. Receive Appraisal of After Repair Value (ARV). (2 days)
  7. Select Title Company to close loan and provide title insurance.
  8. Loan is Approved, including full disclosure of terms and conditions.
  9. Sign the Loan Agreement.
  10. Seller is paid direct. Rehab budget is now available via ‘draw request’ to pay for work completed. *Loan interest only paid on money drawn.
  11. Typically complete all repairs within 60 days.
  12. Market and sell your refurbished property.
  13. Repay loan. Retain profit.

Combination Loan Application – Joe the Investor

Our signature combination real estate investment loan is for the savvy investor that not only wants to repair a distressed property at a profit, but also wants to retain that property for either personal or rental purposes.

Application to our Joe the Investor loan program begins as a Hard Money Loan, but then transitions to a Conventional Mortgage. Borrowers must be pre-approved for both loan types to qualify for this unique program.

Learn More About Our Real Estate Investment Loans Today

Contact us today to speak with one of our real estate investment loan specialists to learn more about our process and loan programs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you fulfill your Texas real estate investment goals.

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